We’ve Moved!

22 07 2013

Hey Everyone!

We have moved to a new blog! Please check us out at our new space at Toronto Library LEGO 2. That is where we will be posting from now on.


See you around!


Spring, 2013 – April

22 04 2013

Hey folks!

On Saturday we had a very exciting meeting of 29 LEGO Builders’ Club members. The new faces to the group were welcomed by more experienced members, and there were lots of excellent teams being formed. There was good sharing and listening. We would have liked to see more tidying up at the end, but overall everyone was well behaved and participating.

There were hardly any books left on the display tables by the end of the program. This means that you kids are borrowing lots of stuff, and we love that! Of course, we had many LEGO books out, including Ninjago, Hero Factory, LEGO City, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Batman, and general LEGO building books. The origami books were also quite popular–we have a creative bunch of LEGO builders at our library (but we already knew that!).

Please join us this summer for more LEGO action:

Mondays, July 15 & Aug 19 from 7:00-8:00 pm
Ages 6-12
First 30 kids admitted. Pick up admission numbers from the Children’s Desk at 6:30 pm on the evening of each session.

See you then, builders!! Be sure to check out the new LEGO books, graphic novels, and DVDs we have at the library:


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Winter 2013 – March Break Edition

15 03 2013

Hey Folks,

Yesterday, North York Central Library hosted the biggest LEGO Builders’ Club meeting this library has every seen! A huge crowd of people lined up for tickets beforehand, and over 70 children joined in to build LEGO creations.

Many girl builders attended, and that was great! We also saw kids finding building inspiration in the many LEGO books provided. There was incredible teamwork on display, as well–people listened well, were kind and helpful to one another, and pitched in to tidy up. This meant that we had a very successful Builders’ Club Meeting, and we hope to have more big meetings in the future to accommodate all of our excited LEGO designers.

The next LEGO Builders’ Club Meeting is coming up on Saturday, April 20 from 2:00-3:00 in the Storyroom in the Children’s Department. Tickets for the first 30 children will be available at the Children’s desk at 1:30.

See you next time! Be sure to check out the new LEGO books, graphic novels, and DVDs we have at the library:


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Winter 2012 – Week One

29 12 2012

Hi Everyone,

On Friday we had the first LEGO Builders’ Club meeting of the winter holidays. Instead of being at school, children were at the library, keeping busy. The Storyroom was full of eager builders, all of whom had incredible ideas that shaped their LEGO creations.  After listening to the rules of the room (to share, to be kind to one another, to be helpful, and to clean up), the bins of LEGO were revealed. Everyone was very mindful of the rules and amazing work was completed. Take a look at the photos below to see what we mean!

On the table there were books about LEGO (obviously!),  drawing, structures, comic book characters, vehicles, fantasy worlds, and armour. There were even some LEGO movies.  A lot of kids were taking these items home to read and watch during the break from school. It’s always smart to bring your library card!

The next LEGO session has not yet been scheduled. Phone 416-395-5630 to ask the Children’s Department staff about other upcoming programs.

See you around!


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Fall 2012 – Week Two

11 12 2012

Hi Guys!

A good crowd of people attended this past LEGO Builders’ Club session. We saw lots of new faces and some familiar ones, too. After listening patiently to Liz and Tori, the children went wild for LEGO! Some people built alone, while others built as team members. Each person built excellent creations! Afterward, everyone contributed towards the clean-up of the room.  Family members and friends came in at the end to view the finished products.

There was SO MUCH LEGO-related book and DVD material laid out on the display tables. LEGO Harry Potter, LEGO Star Wars, LEGO Batman, Hero Factory, Bionicle, and more! The library is always adding more LEGO material to its collection. To see some of what there is right now, take a look here:


The next LEGO Builders’ Club meeting is Friday, December 28 from 2-3 pm. Please line up to get tickets  at 1:30 at the Children’s Desk on the day of the program.

Smell ya later!


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Fall 2012 – Week One

17 09 2012


The LEGO Builders’ Club gathered on Saturday for the first of two autumn meetings. Less people attended than usual, but that meant more LEGO pieces per person! We saw some fantastic stuff being built, from a fort from the War of 1812 to a pirate ship. Impressive work!  A lot of the awesome books and DVDs, about LEGO and other cool topics, on display went home with you. There are a lot of smart readers in our group.

The next meeting is Saturday, December 8 at 2pm in the Children’s Department at North York Central Library. See you LEGO fanatics then!


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Summer 2012 – Week Three

14 08 2012

Hey People!

Today was the final session of the summer LEGO Builders’s Club. We had a great turn-out and saw many new faces. Liz introduced a fresh batch of LEGO, so there was SO. MUCH. LEGO. We were happy to see that lots of the books on display went home with you! Some kids were using the books as inspiration for their creations, which is a great idea.

The next LEGO Builders’ Club September meeting has not yet been scheduled. Please come in to the library, or call us at 416-395-5630, to find out more information in a few weeks.

Update: There will be drop-in sessions on Saturday, September 15, and Saturday, December 8, at 2-3 pm. See you then!


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